July 2014 Supplemental

With the last week of the month showing weakness in the markets, the Dow Jones and S&P ended the month lower, while the TSX, in spite of a bad July 31, ended a bit higher.

Here are my off shore stocks along with the July 31 performance compared to the YTD performance. For the most part, it’s still been a pretty good year, with a few exceptions. We still haven’t hit the normal summer doldrums, so maybe this is the beginning of the summer slump, or maybe even the long awaited correction. Or maybe it’s just a blip – as usual, no one can predict.

My Stocks

Stocks 1

stocks 2


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2 Responses to July 2014 Supplemental

  1. Peter M. says:

    Thanks for the update. Like many, I sold off some under-performing investments in May and am waiting for buying opportunities. I think I’ll be patient and wait a little longer. But it’s anyone’s guess, isn’t it?

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