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Looking Back


Looking Back

Looking Back – Pearl Triathlon – April 2014

Looking back – December 15 to May 8

In mid December I developed a rudimentary spreadsheet ranking various factors with an eye to determining the best stocks to buy at that time.  I only used the universe of acceptable stocks, so every stock on the list was a good one to own, but not necessarily a good one to buy at that time.  It was my attempt at market timing.  I did a check back to see how useful that ranking was, and it turned out to be pretty good.  Here are the top ten stocks on the list and how they have performed since December 15.  I used the market closing prices as of March 8 for comparison.  If you bought the top 10 at that time in equal weighting you would have seen a 12.38% gain.  The S&P and DJIA have increased about 5% during the same time.  I will use this model again to help me decide when to buy.  I will try to run it again sometime during May.


Stock 15-Dec-13 08-May-14 % change
TOT 56.53 72.73 28.66%
LMT 140.05 164.39 17.38%
COP 69.43 77.01 10.92%
OXY 91.11 95.19 4.48%
INTC 24.29 26.34 8.44%
CVX 119.9 125.09 4.33%
GD 90.26 111.93 24.01%
IBM 172.8 188.91 9.32%
MCD 94.44 101.95 7.95%
33.6 36.4 8.33%
Average 12.38%
Index ETF (S&P and DJIA)
SPY 178.11 187.68 5.37%
DIA 157.65 165.35 4.88%




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