2013 First Quarter Update

2013 First Quarter Report

Pretty good quarter, in spite of Cyprus.  Who would have thought that a speck in the Ocean like Cyprus could cause such world turmoil?  But then Iceland did the same a few years ago.  Remember the joke:  What is the capital of Iceland?  Answer – $25.

The Canadian market was up a respectable 3%, but the US markets exceeded 10% and reached record highs.  As a result, my portfolio, which includes a mix of both US and Canadian, rose by just over 7% for the first quarter.

I purchased Royal Bank and Fortis during the month of March.       

I did a detailed analysis of my current holdings based on time of purchase.  My holdings consist of stocks I purchased before the crash in 2008, then purchases of stocks in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Here is a summary of the returns for each of those batches.  This analysis is done based on the actual days the stocks have been held.

2008 and prior

Capital Gains = 29% or 4 ¼ % per year plus dividends of 3 ¼% for a total gain of 7 ½ % per year.

Remember – that includes the big crash of 2008 to 2010.


2010 purchases

Capital gains = 18% or over 6% per year plus dividends of almost 4% for a total gain of 10% per year.


2011 purchases

Capital gains = over 12 ½ % or almost 8% per year plus dividends of over 4% for a total gain of 12 % per year.


2012 purchases

These were all made in the latter part of the year, so there is less than a year of data to work with therefore the annualized return of 25% is not worth considering.  I will update this number after I have at least a year of data.



My average return in total of the stocks I currently hold is over 10% per year.  My actual portfolio return is less than that, as I have often held considerable amounts in cash, so the portfolio return is just over 7% per year.



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